Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WONDERCON 2010! Capcom booth! Drop by!

This is a last-minute news break, but I just found out I will be at Wondercon, held at the Moscone Center South in San Fransisco, this weekend! The show dates are from April 2-4, and I will be exhibiting with Capcom Entertainment, booth 833.

The Moscone Center South is located at:

747 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA

Stop by the Capcom booth to say "hi!" I don't have all the details, but I will be sketching and signing for those interested! Feel free to bring any Spawn comics or McFarlane Toys' product I've worked on. I'd be happy to meet all of you!

For convention info, click the link below:


Again, I will be sketching and signing this entire weekend, so be sure to swing by the Capcom Entertainment booth, #833!

See you there!


Friday, March 26, 2010


Street Fighters galore! So, here are a few more SF sketches. From top to bottom, they are:

Crimson Viper
I roughed in the layout with pencil, inked it with a brush pen, then finished it off with Copic markers.

This was roughed out with pencil first, inked with a brush pen, then finished with Copics again.

One of these days I'll have to post how rough my pencils are when I work with a brush pen as my next step. The pencil sketch isn't pretty, but it gives me enough information to use as guidelines, while also keeping the drawing fresh. I don't like ink over perfect pencil lines these days. I tend to lose focus much quicker, so I need to keep it fresh.

Chun Li
Jimnie Light ballpoint pen sketch, again, while I was in a meeting.

Brush pen on paper, with tone paper texture added in PS. "BOOM, baby!"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

We have a weekly sketch group at the office, and this was one of my contributions. The theme was "Crunch Babies," masterfully conceived by KWESTONE, via word mash. So, as you can see, my "babies" are crunching various objects, with the last one being a quite literal take on the phrase.

Clone Trooper Getaway

"Ahh, nothing better than a warm cup of blue milk from the dunes of Tatooine."

We'll keep the office sketch theme going with this one. This is on notebook paper, using Sharpie, ballpoint pens, and highlighters.

Blue Girl and Snake Eyes

Meetings at the office can sometimes drag on a little long, so when that happens, I start doodling. The blue girl was done with my trusty Jimnie Light and a white gel pen.

Snake Eyes was done with a fine-tip, ballpoint pen. The penny is there for scale, and not because I scan all my money and keep track of its whereabouts.


The sketch blog is officially GO!

I'll be posting quick sketches, process images for my work, news updates, and a few other goodies are in store in the coming months.